Rocks and Mulch

Longevity:  Landscaping rocks will last much longer than mulch.  Mulch must be replenished every year because it decomposes over time.

Permanence:  Landscaping rock is more permanent than mulch.  It is a big task to remove.  The good side to this is with a heavy wind / rain storm it will stay put.  Mulch is much easier to move in a heavy wind / rain storm out of your landscaping beds.

Soil Health:  Mulch breaks down and enriches the soil for your plants.  Rocks do nothing to enrich the soil.

Cost:  Mulch is cheaper than rocks initially.  In the long run, rocks will be cheaper because you will not have to replenish every year.

Insects:   Mulch can be a home for insects.  It is less likely to have pests with rocks.


Now that you know some of the pros and cons of rocks vs. mulch, you can make the best decision for your property!