Grounds Maintenance

You have spent a lot of time and money on the landscaping you have.  Keeping everything looking great isn’t just a good idea – it is essential or you will be right back at square one next season.  The team at Total Turf understands that and is ready, willing and able to keep your grass greeen and landscaping looking great.

Ground Maintenance Florida


Anyone can mow your lawn, edge the grass and trim the shrubs.  All if takes is a few thousand dollars in equipment and you can be up and running.  What is priceless is the knowledge and reliability that comes with a true landscaping company.  For example, our team of professional landscapers are trained so that:

  • Mower blades are always sharp so that they cut your grass – not scalp and kill it
  • We mow your property at proper heights based on your sod type
  • We mow your properties at different intervals to maintain the best possible health of your sod
  • Our tree experts know how much can be cut from a tree at one time without harming it and when you can cut it
  • Our irrigation professionals know, when, where and how to water to keep your landscape looking great

No two properties are the same and neither are their landscaping needs. Total Turf will customize a maintenance program to fit your needs and budget.  We understand how a well maintained landscape adds to your property value.  We will treat your property as if it was our own and make sure it stays looking fantastic!


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