Irrigation Services

Total Turf knows how important it is to protect your landscaping investment.  In Florida, one of the most important and challenging aspects of landscaping maintenance is irrigation   Some parts of the year Florida gets rain almost everyday and over-watering can be a problem.  Other times of the year Florida is dry as the dessert and if you do not water enough or at the wrong times your lawn can burn from the sun or dry out and die.

Florida Irrigation Services

We handle all aspects of irrigation from design, installation, and maintenance.  Our professionals will make sure you are getting the right amount of water during every season,  We will also check your irrigation on a regular basis ad repair and issues we may find (broken sprinkler heads, etc).  Of course, any irrigation plan will be approved by you in advance and will be designed to both conserve water and comply with local water ordinances related to when you are allowed to water your property.

Just like with landscape maintenance, no two properties are the same and neither are their irrigation needs.  Total Turf’s irrigation professionals will customize an irrigation and/or irrigation maintenance plan that keep everything looking great!