If you are considering sodding your property, don’t just hire anyone.  Total Turf goes through many steps to ensure that your investment is protected.  Total Turf will test your soil and assess your property to help you figure out what sod will thrive the best on your property and fit your budget.  Here are some of your options:


St. Augustine Family Sod:

Floratam : This sod is used almost exclusively throughout Florida because of its many qualities.  It is a thick and healthy turf.  It performs best in full sunlight.

Seville:  This sod requires less mowing than most grasses.  It is the highest ranked shade- tolerant grass but can also grow well in full sunlight.  This sod is also tolerant to cold weather.

Palmetto : This sod thrives best in full sunlight.  It grows fast, even in shaded areas and resists disease.  This sod tolerates cold weather as well.

Sapphire:  This sod is a premium low maintenance sod.  It has excellent color retention.  It is also heat and tolerant resistant.


Zoysia Sod:

This grass reduces the amount of watering significantly.  This grass also does not need to be mowed as frequently as other turf.  It also grows in difficult soil situations.


Bahia Sod:

This sod is used throughout central Florida.  It is relatively inexpensive and does not require a lot of up keep.  It also holds up well during periods of drought.


Bermuda Sod:

This grass is ideal for most athletic surfaces.  With its special maintenance needs it is not recommended for most homes.